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When your home suffers a major loss, it is traumatic. Immediately you become overwhelmed because you’ve most likely been launched into unfamiliar territory. Fabbro & Company can help you get back on track by assisting with the preparation and presentation of your insurance claim. Our firm offers over two decades of experience in representing homeowners on complex and time consuming residential property claims. Fabbro & Company will dramatically reduce the stress, anxiety and uncertainty by helping you navigate through the claims process so you can focus on getting your family back on its feet.

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Remember, public adjusters work exclusively for you, the policyholder. Our objective is to protect your interests throughout the claims process with the goal being to maximize your settlement. On the other hand, the insurance company adjuster represents the company. Although many policyholders assume insurance company representatives are looking out for their best interest, when disagreement ensues or “grey area” is identified, they will be advocates for the company, not you.

Following a loss, you may be approached by public adjusters. Consider these issues before Choosing The Right Public Adjuster for you.

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What Will Fabbro & Company Public Adjusters Do For You?

Contrary to common public perception, you, the policyholder, have certain duties and responsibilities following a loss. If you expect to be fully compensated for damages, it is your responsibility to prove your claim. Retaining a qualified public adjuster will arm you with the knowledge and experience to successfully prepare, present, substantiate, and negotiate your claim. After all, the insurance company will use experts (adjusters, engineers, examiners, etc.) to prepare their view of your loss. Shouldn’t you have professional representation too?

Visit the Notable Residential Claims page for a glimpse into sample homeowner claims handled by our firm.

Residential claims services may also include the following:

  • Conduct comprehensive review of homeowner insurance policy for coverages, limitations, etc.;
  • Prepare dwelling damage repair estimates;
  • Prepare detailed personal property loss inventories with RCV, ACV, and Depreciation calculations;
  • Assess additional living expenses/fair rental value;
  • Utilize experts when necessary (i.e., engineers, CPA’s, etc.);
  • Document damage with photos/video;
  • Prepare proof of loss and other critical claim documents and;
  • Participate in meetings with insurance company adjusters, contractors, engineers, etc.

In addition, Fabbro & Company will always maintain an open, constant line of communication with you throughout the claims adjustment process.

When To Hire A Public Adjuster

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