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Private Island Home - Water Loss

Private Island Home – Water Loss

Private Island Home - Water Loss

Private Island Home – Water Loss

Private Island Home - Water Loss

Private Island Home – Water Loss


How many of us routinely check or replace supply lines connected to our faucets, commodes, washing machines, etc.? Few, right?

Allow me to share a few details surrounding a claim handled by my firm which may convince you to pay more attention to these inexpensive, easy to maintain, yet crucial components of your home.

The subject property is a 5,000+ square foot, three story custom home located on an exclusive island (accessible only by boat) off Southwest Florida. After a weeklong stay on the island, the homeowners were advised by island maintenance two days after their departure of an apparent breach somewhere in their plumbing system. Upon inspection, it was apparent that thousands of gallons of fresh water had infiltrated the home from the 3rd floor down, causing catastrophic cosmetic and partial structural damage.

An investigation by the insurance company quickly determined the cause of loss to be a broken water supply line connected to a commode in the 3rd floor master bathroom. Within 3-4 months, damage assessments were completed, a claim proposal was submitted, and an amicable settlement of nearly $1 million was reached on the dwelling (excluding Ordinance or Law issues) and personal property.

As engineers were engaged and the permitting process commenced, it became clear that to restore the ground floor to pre-loss condition and meet current building codes, the home would need to be elevated several feet. This resulted in increased costs of just over $300,000. Given this, an Ordinance or Law claim was filed on behalf of the owners and shortly thereafter, paid in full (to policy limits) by the carrier.

When To Hire A Public Adjuster

To avoid or mitigate this type of loss, you might consider the following;

1. Turn “off” the main water supply valve when vacating your home for more than 1 day.
2. Periodically inspect all water supply lines. Perhaps annually.
3. Have lines that may be over 10 years old replaced with stainless braided lines.
4. Arrange to have a friend or family member (or other) inspect your property while you are away, especially if the main water valve remains “on”.

Two Final Important Points: Before you suffer a similar loss and assume your insurance company will “step to the plate” and fully pay to restore your home to pre-loss condition as in this case, read your policy to confirm there is not a limitation (usually $10,000) or full exclusion for water losses! If you are unsure, consult with your insurance agent. Also, especially if located in a flood zone, verify that your policy contains coverage for increased costs associated with building code requirements. This is known as Ordinance or Law coverage. Most policies will automatically provide limits of 25% of Coverage “A”. Higher limits can often be purchased for additional premium.

If you need a Public Adjuster in Fort Myers Sanibel Useppa Island or Lee County FL, call Fabbro & Company for a no-cost consultation at 239-362-9457.

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