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Dante R. Fabbro, P.C.L.A.

Since 1993, Dante R. Fabbro has been committed to representing the interests of policyholders.  He has managed and successfully settled over 70 million dollars in residential, commercial, and condominium claims ranging from small water losses to million dollar residential fires to multi-million dollar commercial and condominium losses.  He is licensed as a Public Adjuster in Florida, Georgia, Maine, and Texas and has also managed claims in the Caribbean Islands.

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As founder and president of Fabbro & Company, Dante has dedicated his career to the representation of policyholders in the complicated and time consuming process of first party property claims adjustments.  He understands that a successful claim result depends on the public adjuster playing an aggressive, proactive leadership role throughout the claims process.

Choosing A Public Adjuster

Dante has been a resident of the West Coast of Florida and Tampa Bay area since 1976 and holds a B.S. degree from the University of South Florida College of Business.  He earned the professional designation of Property Claims Law Associate (P.C.L.A.) and is licensed and bonded in Florida.

Professional affiliations during his career have included the Florida Association of Public Adjusters (FAPIA), National Association of Public Adjusters (NAPIA), and the Windstorm Insurance Network. These organizations have and continue to provide knowledge and information to keep Dante abreast of industry standards, changes, developments, and updates to policies and case law critical in dealing with property claims.

Dante has also been an active participant in the Nation Flood Insurance Program education program which offers valuable information on the current practices and procedures of the federal government with regards to flood insurance claims.

When To Hire A Public Adjuster

So whether you’ve suffered a loss caused by water, flood, fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, windstorm, or any other event covered by insurance, let Dante R. Fabbro, P.C.L.A. and his over two decades of expertise provide you with the professional representation you are entitled to and deserve.

Dante R. Fabbro, P.C.L.A., Fabbro & Company – Committed, Aggressive, Experienced

3-44 Property and Casualty Lines Public Adjuster License – 1993
3-20 All Lines Public Adjuster License Upgrade – 2011

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